Williams Models

We manufacture kits and parts for Gauge 3 model railways.


When we started in Gauge 3 twenty years ago we intended to make three or four different wagons, but we have now produced 39 different wagons, some of which sold out long ago. Most of our wagons have one-piece resin bodies, but some are made of wood.


Our carriage kits have double layer etched brass bodies with laser cut steel underframes and mainly cast brass fittings. We have a range of locomotive details and fittings but to date our locos are best described as "aids to scratch building" rather than complete kits.

In general the items we model were built pre-Grouping, though all lasted into the Grouping period and a few into BR ownership.


All parts from our kits are available separately for scratch builders or anyone modifying a commercial model or completing a kit from other sources. Our website lists most parts but not all have pictures yet, so let us know what you are making and we will be pleased to suggest suitable parts from our range or from elsewhere.