How you can support us

Some years ago, a group of people realised that 2022 would be a very special year for the Gauge One Model Railway Association. 75 years is a long time in anyone's life, let alone for a group of people that love "playing trains".

Our Story

The foundations of Gauge One began more than 100 years ago, with an agreement on the standard gap between the rails being fixed at 45mm for the smallest scale model at the time.

Although the gauge had been fixed at 45mm,  it took several years before general agreement on the scale was reached in the UK at 10mm/foot, slightly larger than the near-correct proportions of 1/32 because this offered the advantage of a tad more room to squeeze in working parts.

In the Inter-war years, O Gauge took off, then OO/HO became dominant to save space in smaller houses. Gauge One was kept going by a keen group of enthusiasts, some of whom founded the Gauge One Model Railway Association in 1947. 

Our 75th birthday

It takes a lot of work to put on a special party. If you've every tried organising a birthday party, whether for toddlers, a surprise party for a 21st, or something a little more sedate, you'll know what we mean. 

Hundreds of phone calls, countless hours in the background negotiating with exhibitors so the expenses don't break the bank (and thank you for all of you who have revised and revisited requests), and lots of head-scratching in trying to assemble the best show possible for people to come and enjoy. All, by the way, unpaid, volunteer time (feel free to offer some time if you want... it would be greatly appreciated!)


For the show, every poster that we sell, every t-shirt that we hope people will wear proudly on the day, and every ticket that is bought means that we can continue to work behind the scenes to bring you better and better exhibits.

However, alongside support from suppliers, there are some super generous folk and organisations who have decided to go that extra mile to support the show financially. If you think that you want to support the show in different ways, we have a set of corporate packages available with additionality in terms of advertising, premium space etc. If this is something you want to consider, please contact us, and we'd be more than happy to chat.