Ruddlemoor Wharf

Alan Crowther & Geoff Clark

Our layout has been put together primarily built in ten months by Alan  who has limited vision and hearing and it goes to understand that any  physical difficulties have no barriers to achieve what you want to do in  life. 

Gauge One layouts are predominantly outside garden layouts so we took  the view that we could achieve a small indoor layout for the exhibition  circuit. 

The layout is by Radio Control no electrics needed, the loco’s you see are  all controlled with custom built battery packs and using a high quality  transmitter and receiver from Fosworks. 

The buildings are from the Brunel Models range and the loco’s from the  Finescale Brass range. 

Alan & I will only be to pleased to answer any questions you have. 


Geoff, Alan & Gabriel the Guide Dog.

Ruddlemoor Wharf 3
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Ruddlemoor Wharf 2
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Ruddlemoor Wharf, Gauge 1
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