Announcing Doctor Dick's Performance Clinic.

Do you have a problem with your performance? Something stopping you getting up your steam pressure or perhaps it drops away when you least want it to. Maybe your timing is off or you can't stop your gas valve from leaking?

Well G1MRA president Doctor Dick Moger and his team of glamorous assistants are here to help.

This will also be a great opportunity for new or inexperienced loco builders to meet and chat with some of G1MRA's top designers and engineers. Bring your ARM1G book with you and the good doctor may even sign it for you!

Simply bring your problem loco to G1MRA75 at Bicester on October 1st and 2nd and come to the clinic stand where "The Doctor will see you now".

Area groups will also be able to get their boiler testing rig calibrated between 10am-12pm.

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